Illuvium's mainstream marketing strategy aims to appeal to a broad range of global consumers accustomed to centralised gaming studios and distribution systems. The project plans to collaborate with various YouTube influencers who are key opinion leaders in gaming, crypto, finance, or popular culture niches, such as Chico Crypto. In addition to YouTube influencers, Illuvium will also explore partnerships with Twitch streamers, gaming communities, and other social media platforms to widen its reach.

To maintain the authenticity of influencer partnerships and avoid the impression of financial gain-driven promotion, Illuvium will focus on creating targeted content, valuable giveaways, and exclusive in-game items for the influencers' audiences. This approach will not only expose new users to Illuvium but also showcase the project's community-building ethos and commitment to delivering a high-quality gaming experience.

Additionally, Illuvium will participate in gaming events, conferences, and expos to further increase awareness and visibility within the gaming community. The project will leverage these opportunities to network with industry professionals, developers, and potential investors.

In line with its goal to educate mainstream users about the benefits of Play-to-Earn gaming and the advantages of being part of a DAO, Illuvium will create accessible and engaging content through blog posts, tutorials, and explainer videos. This content will be designed to inform and educate users about Illuvium's unique offerings and the potential opportunities within the decentralised gaming landscape.

Ultimately, Illuvium's marketing strategy aims to deliver a high-quality gaming experience comparable to what users would expect from triple-A studios while introducing them to the world of decentralised gaming and the benefits of Play-to-Earn mechanics.

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