DeFi partnerships will play a significant role in Illuvium's growth. The project aims to collaborate with prominent DeFi and GameFi projects chosen for their strong communities. These partnerships aim to integrate Illuvium's framework and development with the partner projects, leveraging their existing crypto-enthusiast and gaming communities for mutual growth. Illuvium will offer exclusive cross-promotional NFTs from its 'CosPlay Promo Editions' series to the partner communities, incentivizing new users to join Illuvium. These promo NFTs, although not playable in-game, will never be minted again, making them extremely rare and valuable.

Flash pools will also be used to provide liquidity for the in-game economy. Over the three-year program, we will look to partner with 50+ projects that all boast a large token holding. This will give them exposure to the ILV token, which will, in turn, convert users into players.

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