Immutable X

NFTs have revolutionised digital property ownership, allowing users to own unique, verifiable entities. However, high transaction costs on the Ethereum network have hindered NFT trading volume. Immutable X addresses this issue by offering a gas-free, Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup solution for NFT transactions. Benefits of Immutable X include:

  • Maintaining self-custody of NFTs with mainchain Ethereum-level security.

  • Instant transactions and trustless, verifiable movement back to mainchain Ethereum.

  • No need for a unique L2 token to trade NFTs.

  • Enhanced game mechanics and design through off-chain minting.

  • Over 9000 transactions per second and improved NFT liquidity.

Illuvium is tightly integrated with Immutable X. All assets are minted on-demand and sent to the wallet that earns them, with safeguards ensuring players always control their assets. This streamlined process, combined with gasless, rapid transactions provided by Immutable X, delivers an engaging gaming experience reminiscent of traditional games while retaining the advantages of web3 technology.

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