Interoperability through NFTs

Illuvium aims to revolutionise the NFT gaming experience by going beyond the conventional approach of simply owning and trading digital assets. The objective is to foster an emotional connection between players and their collections by providing a continuous and rewarding experience, from discovery to exchange, across multiple games spanning diverse genres.

Once players have established their collection in Illuvium, they can utilise their NFTs across various games based on their preferences on any given day. One day, they might choose to play an auto battler, while the next day, they may opt for a shooter or an adventure game. Our system's flexibility allows players to use their Illuvials across multiple games, ultimately enhancing the value of their collections.

The beauty of this system lies in its utilisation of NFTs for interoperability. With Illuvium, users can leverage their NFT collections in a wide range of games, irrespective of the title, genre, or platform. This not only provides users with greater versatility and accessibility but also significantly increases the value of their collections by extending their usability beyond a single game.

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