You can withdraw deposits and rewards from the vesting page: staking.illuvium.io/vesting

Withdrawing Deposits

Users can withdraw unlocked Staking v2 deposits from the same pool together at the same time. For example, if you have made two deposits into the ILV/ETH pool, you can withdraw these together in one single transaction once they are both unlocked.

To do this, use the checkbox next to each eligible deposit item, and select the items you would like to withdraw.

A banner at the bottom of the page will appear when you have made your selection, showing you the total amount of tokens you have selected to withdraw and from how many stakes.

Once you are ready to proceed, click with Withdraw button, and a final pop-up will show you a confirmation of your selection.

Withdrawing Rewards

Once they're unlocked, users can withdraw Staking v2 rewards the same way as Staking v2 deposits. You can choose to withdraw any number of rewards simultaneously, following the same steps described above for unlocked deposits.

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