Flexible Deposits

If you have flexible deposits, you will need to Upgrade your current yield to continue receiving rewards.

To Upgrade your current yield and continue receiving rewards, click the “Upgrade Yield and Claim Rewards” button.

This will open the Upgrade Yield and Claim Rewards modal. Once opened, you can select whether you would like to claim your rewards in ILV or sILv2 and click the “Claim Rewards and Upgrade Yield” button.

Withdraw and Re-Stake

You will also need to withdraw and re-stake to continue receiving rewards from your deposits. The interface will show you a warning notification about this.

To withdraw, navigate to Vesting, and the interface will highlight the relevant deposits in red. Select the flexible deposit you would like to withdraw, and click withdraw.

Once you have completed your withdrawal, you can deposit into either pool by clicking the Staking nav item and then stake into the relevant pool.

Please note: Both v2 pools have a minimum lock duration of 1 month.

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