Upgrading to Staking v2

The upgrade process will vary depending on the type of deposits you have staked in the protocol.

Locked and Unlocked Deposits

If you have locked or unlocked deposits in either the ILV or the ILV/ETH pool, you will need to upgrade the relevant pools to continue to receive rewards in Staking v2.

ILV Deposits

For those only staked in the ILV pool, you will only need to upgrade the ILV pool. To do this, click the Upgrade ILV Pool button.

The Upgrade ILV modal will show you the total value of ILV deposits to be upgraded, the amount of yield that will be upgraded, and the Pending and Accumulated rewards you will receive once you upgrade. It will then summarise all of the rewards you will receive once the upgrade is complete. Before upgrading, you must also select whether you'd like to receive your rewards in ILV or sILV2.

ILV/ETH Deposits

You will need to upgrade both pools if you are staked in the ILV/ETH pool. Click the Upgrade ILV Pool and Upgrade ILV/ETH Pool buttons.

The Upgrade ILV/ETH Pool button will show the ILV/ETH Upgrade modal. This will only show you the ILV/ETH deposits that will be upgraded to Staking v2, as your Pending and Accumulated rewards are claimed when upgrading the ILV pool.

Verifying Distribution of Rewards

We have uploaded a JSON object of the complete distribution tree to this IPFS URL [INSERT-URL] so the community can verify how Pending and Accumulated rewards have been distributed.

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