The Staking page allows users to make deposits in all of the pools we have available in the protocol to earn ILV rewards. Users can also see metrics for each pool, including the Total Value Locked in each pool and the APRs and APYs available for each core pool.

The Staking page can be found at:

The staking page is divided into two sections. The first section shows the currently active pools, which will always consist of the two core pools and sometimes include an active flash pool. The second section shows the list of completed flash pools that the protocol has previously run.

Pool Card

Each active pool will have a pool card on the Staking page where users can get some additional information on the pool, including the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the pool, the current APR and APY values, and begin the Staking process.

Total Value Locked (TVL)

The TVL displayed refers to the total USD value of all the tokens deposited into the pool. A higher number generally indicates a pool has many depositors. The positive is that pools with a high TVL value are typically safer than those with a low TVL. The opposite side is that the higher the TVL of a pool, the lower the rewards earned as more participants share the rewards.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The APR is displayed for each core pool. The APR value is determined by the amount of rewards a pool is currently distributing and the current TVL a pool has. The APR can fluctuate as deposits are added and removed from the pool. Users should be aware that the amount of rewards being distributed decreases by 3% every two-week epoch. Users can use the APR amount to estimate how much ILV their deposit is likely to return.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

The APY is also displayed for each core pool. The APY uses the previously explained APR value and allows users to estimate their potential return on deposits based on an equal interval of reward claims, referred to as Compound frequency below.

The APY component allows users to choose a compound frequency of daily (D), weekly (W) and monthly (M).

Pool Details

Users can access the Pool Details component via the 'Details' button on the Pool Card. The Pool Details component shows users specific metadata values relating to each pool, such as:

  • Pool name

  • Contract address

  • TVL

  • User liquidity

  • APR

  • APY

Completed Flash Pools

The Completed Flash Pools list shows all the pools that the protocol has launched to allow members of other communities to earn ILV rewards. You can read more about flash pools here: [ADD LINK].

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