The Rewards page allows users to claim rewards from any pools they have made deposits in. Users can claim Rewards at the same time in either sILV2 or ILV.

The rewards page can be found at:

Pending Rewards Card

Each active pool in the protocol has a Pending Rewards Card. The Pending Rewards Card shows users the amount of Pending Rewards the connected wallet has accrued for the related pool. It lists the pool's name, the amount of ILV available as rewards, and a radio input to select how users wish to claim rewards, either in sILV2 or ILV.

Claiming Rewards

The user must select whether they would like to claim their rewards in sILV2 or ILV. Users can also claim rewards from all active pools at the same time. Once the selection is made, the Claim Total Rewards component will appear, providing a total value of the rewards to be claimed.

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