How to Stake

You can access the staking page at

Choose a Pool

There are two core pools that you can deposit tokens into to receive additional ILV tokens. The ILV pool holds only ILV tokens. It has a pool weight of 0.2. The ILV/ETH pool only holds ILV/ETH Sushi LP (SLP) tokens. It has a pool weight of 0.8.

Pool weight refers to the value of one pool compared to others in the protocol for liquidity mining. Pools with higher weights will receive more tokens from liquidity mining. For example, if there are only two pools, one with a weight of 0.2 and one with a weight of 0.8, they will receive 20% and 80% of the liquidity mining tokens, respectively.

Once you've decided which pool you would like to stake into, click the 'Stake' button on the respective pool card.

Approve the Contract

Before you can deposit any funds into your chosen staking contract, you must first confirm an approval transaction to allow the contract to receive your tokens.

Deposit Tokens

Once the staking contract has been approved and the transaction confirmed, you will see the deposit modal appear, which will allow you to stake your tokens.

Select the amount you would like to stake and the lock duration you would like to use. The longer the lock duration, the higher the rewards. The minimum lock duration required is one month.

When you're ready to make the deposit, click the 'Stake' button, and your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction.

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